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Invite a friend to our Preview Worship Service this Sunday!

Posted Jun 7, 2019

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Good morning Resurrection Overland Park,

The first preview weekend is here! I hope you are as excited as I am for what will be an exciting, historic, and meaningful weekend.

You are invited! Join us this Sunday, June 9, at 9:30 am for the first preview service at Resurrection Overland Park.

Together, we will encounter God through worship as we continue in Pastor Adam’s series “You’ve Got a Friend in Me.” There will be KiDSCOR programming set up for the kids, or they can join you in worship, and the coffee and conversation will be great. We will probably make a few mistakes, and that is okay! This is a taste, a sneak peak, a preview of what is to come. The past month we have transformed the gym, painted walls, and many other things to prepare for the first preview.

We still have a lot to do over the summer, and we aren’t finished yet. We will learn and improve at each preview service in preparation for the grand opening in August. However, this weekend we have an awesome opportunity to worship together for the very first time. Know that I have been praying all week for the friends, family, and guests who will visit this weekend. I know that God is up to something amazing. I do not want you to miss it!

Here are a few things you can do right now. You can personally invite to a friend to join you for worship this weekend. You can also share the event on your Facebook page. 

I want to share a few more things with you. We are so excited to launch Sunday School programming and put on our own Vacation Bible Camp, but we need volunteers to make it all work! Registration is open for VBC children, VBC volunteers and Sunday School volunteers! If you go to this link you will find all these registration links with details. If you have any questions about these forms, please reach out to our KiDSCOR Director, Lauren, at 

Also, last month a team of people boxed the second floor Library books. We donated 130 boxes of books, including hundreds of Bibles, to the Johnson County Christmas Bureau. The books will be offered for free to the 12,000 residents who visit the holiday store in December and many of the Bibles will go to local care homes.

Thank you to everyone who helped out last weekend at our Serve Sunday event. It was amazing to see a group of people work together. We applied more paint, did a little landscaping, and some other things. You can check out the photos on Facebook, but I want to share with you a favorite photo from the weekend. Even this little guy got in on the action!


At Coffee with the Pastors last weekend 70 people officially joined Church of the Resurrection. That is amazing! I’ve included the names below, so we can celebrate these new members together.

This will be such an exciting weekend for Resurrection Overland Park. You won't want to miss this, see you there! 

In Christ,


New Members of Church of the Resurrection

Marcheta Abels

Pat and Debbie Callahan

Van Chappell

Jim and Jan Conrick

Lynn and Donna Craig

Jon and Peggy Davis

Steve and Marles Dudley

Steve and Ginni Duggan

Pat Elrod

Charles and LouAnn Fankhauser

Pat Flynn

Lori Flynn-Johnson

Dennis and Alberta Garrett

Dick and Carolyn Harlan

Mike Harlan

Chuck and Nancy Heinz

Craig and Jennifer Herrmann

(Kate Herrmann and Jocelyn Clark)

Rich and Michelle Hess

Charlie and Pat Hett

Charlie and Caroline Hopkins

Jan and Nancy King

Linda King

Deanna Klein

Catherine Lang

Bill and Jan Lunday

Donna McCammon

Erin McGraw and Christine Boller

Rich and Jana Moore

Bill and Kathy Musgrave

Danny and Shari Nicholas

Brian and Jennifer Olberding (Victoria)

John and Janet Round

Bill and Ellen Shurtleff

Sammie Snell

Dick and Peggy Smith

Jeanne Smith (Bryce)

Sarah Wille

Tim and Megan Williams

Phil and Amy Woodworth

Barbara Yeokum

Colin and Cynthia York

(Sarah and Caleb)

Ron and Mary Young

Joshua Clough

Joshua Clough

Joshua is the campus pastor at Resurrection Overland Park. He is a competitive runner, and because he grew up in Seattle, drinks a lot of coffee.