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Happy Valentine's Day!

Posted Feb 14, 2020

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Dear Resurrection Family,

Happy Valentine's Day! Did you know it was named for one of three martyred saints who died on February 14 around the year 270? According to one legend, Emperor Claudius II forbade young men to marry, because he thought unmarried men made better warriors – he conscripted young unmarried men for the army, but not married men. Fr. Valentine continued to marry young lovers in secret, despite the Emperor’s edict, and was eventually arrested and put to death.

The holiday of St. Valentine took the place of an older pagan fertility holiday. Kansas City’s own Hallmark Cards helped to expand the popularity of Valentine’s Day in the United States. Today, 190 million Valentine’s Day cards are expected to be given!

I was on vacation last week with my family in Florida. We got back last Sunday night. I had this week off to write, spending most of each day and late into the night holed up in my basement study completing a manuscript on the Ten Commandments that I’ve been working on since last June and editing a short Advent devotional.

Each year the Staff Parish Committee grants me a couple of weeks off to complete projects like this. I’m back in the office on Tuesday, but excited to be in worship as a worshiper this weekend!

Worship this weekend: An Irresistible Power

This weekend we’ll conclude our sermon series on An Irresistible Power: The Magnetic Life and Love of Jesus. Pastor Scott will preach at Leawood, Downtown and West, Pastor Penny at Blue Springs and Pastor Joshua at Overland Park.

These sermons have been inspiring and moving. I’ve been thinking all week about the young man whose story Scott shared in his first sermon – Cory had been a skinhead in prison but came to faith in Christ and has seen his heart and life changed as a part of our congregation. It was very powerful.

This week’s sermon, “The Irresistible Power of One-Anothering” will explore Jesus’ call to love one another. This is a terrific message for Valentine’s weekend! We’ll hear some amazing stories about how the power of community and neighborly love can transform lives and draw us to Christ.

Here’s a link to fun video you can share to invite your friends to worship with you this weekend.

Super Bowl Food Drive – Let’s Keep Going!

Our donations to the food drive are down from last year – in part because our big day to push the food drive was the Super Bowl Sunday, but since the Chiefs were in it, our attendance was down that day. I’d not gotten to give and I’m guessing some of you missed the opportunity as well.

We’re going to keep the online giving for our Hunger ministry activated for one more weekend. If you have not contributed to the Super Bowl Food Drive would you join me in making a donation right now? Here’s the link. Just enter you gift and make sure you select “Hunger” in the Giving Type dropdown. I just used it to make LaVon and my donation to the hunger drive.

Your cash donations are used to buy food at discounted prices. A gift of $20, $50 or $100 has a huge impact. Let’s continue to “Sack Hunger” and make sure all our neighbors have healthy food for their families.

Fake Instagram Account

Over the past week, several people have notified us that they have received a follow request from me on Instagram. As with all of my social media accounts, I don’t actively send out requests for people to follow me.

If you ever receive a friend request from me on Facebook or a follow request on Twitter or Instagram, you’ll know it is a fake account – please report it to us and to the social media platform as fraudulent. I am grateful to have followers on any of these accounts, but I don’t solicit followers and I will never use a social media platform to ask for money. (Those who create fake accounts usually end up asking for money.)

I have one personal Facebook account that I don’t use except to see what’s happening among my parents and siblings – I don’t accept friend requests there. I have a public Facebook page where I do post several times a week and through which you can private message me. It is at, and I’d love for you to follow me there. You can follow me on Twitter if you'd like at @RevAdamHamilton and on Instagram at @revadamhamilton. I’m also on LinkedIn. I don’t often use Instagram and LinkedIn.

Again, if you receive a friend request from anyone claiming to be me, it is a fake account – report it, then copy and send us the link.

Public Health Response Exercise

With all of the news coming out about the impact of the coronavirus, it is heartbreaking to see the broad impact on the communities in China.

Did you know that Resurrection has been working with the Johnson County Department of Health and Environment on plans to open our doors to help dispense medications to thousands of people in the event that a similar health crisis were to strike here in our community?

We have a simulation exercise scheduled in the Foundry on Saturday morning, February 22, and still need about 60 more volunteers. At this exercise, the Centers for Disease Control has also asked us to help test out a new dispensing app that could be used in the event of a public health crisis. Click here to learn more about this unique opportunity and to sign up to serve.

Have you found a place to serve this year?

Last weekend’s sermon challenged us to find a way to serve like Jesus. You can go to to find a variety of opportunities. Here are just a few:

  • Learn more about international mission trips in 2020 to Malawi, Honduras, South Africa and Puerto Rico here. Deadlines are coming up this week.
  • Congregational Care Ministers (CCMs) serve with our pastors and staff through hospital visits, prayer requests, one-on-one support and more. Special training is provided. You can download and complete and application here.
  • Guest Connections needs hospitality volunteers to help with data entry, recording attendance, and seat back stuffers, replenish guest resources in the Sanctuary. Learn more here.

By the way, this months’ Circuit Rider Magazine (our United Methodist national magazine) is devoted to the issues facing our denomination today. It has articles written by a number of our bishops and others. If you would like to read more and to know more, download and read this quarter’s Circuit Rider Magazine by clicking here.

I am looking forward to being in worship as simply a worshiper this weekend and to being back in the office on Tuesday! I hope you’ll join me this weekend at the campus closest to you!


Adam Hamilton

Adam Hamilton

Reverend Adam Hamilton is the senior pastor of Church of the Resurrection and the author of 22 books. He has been married to LaVon since 1982, and she has been a critical partner in every dimension of Adam’s work. They have two daughters and one granddaughter.

Adam's writings are known for helping readers make sense of challenging theological questions, exploring the significance of the biblical stories, and equipping Christian leaders to be more effective in their work. He earned his MDiv from Perkins School of Theology and graduated with honors from Oral Roberts University with a degree in Pastoral Ministry.