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A Way to Understand God's Goodness in Our Families

Posted Nov 20, 2020

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Resurrection West,

It’s wonderful to greet you this Friday afternoon before an important weekend in the life of our church.

First, let me remind you that we have suspended in-person worship and in-person programs to do our part in helping to slow the growing number of COVID cases. Our live experiences each week have been very safe thus far, but we feel this is an important way to lead the way in caring for and loving our neighbor.

Please join us for worship online at cor.org/live Saturday at 5 pm and Sunday at 7:15 am, 9 am, 11 am, & 5 pm. You can also join us at 38 the Spot at 8 am & 11 am on Sunday. Many of our programs like KiDSCOR, rezlife, and adult small group gatherings continue online!

Pastor Adam will be preaching a message called "Taking Hold of the Life that Really is Life." With Thanksgiving next week, we will focus on gratitude, generosity, and joy. Don’t miss worship as you’ll see beautiful works of art from our own Jeff Hanson, a renowned local artist, who has a powerful story linked to these important ideas from scripture.

We will also conclude each service with an opportunity for those of us who call Resurrection home to make our annual giving pledge for the coming year. Your financial commitment is what guides our budget-setting for 2021 mission and ministry. Scharme and I, along with our daughters, Hailey & Kaia will be making our commitments alongside you in worship. We invite our girls, now 14 and 11, to make their own commitments for the year as an act of worship in response to God’s abundance in their lives. It’s a great time for them to understand God’s goodness and how we respond with what we’ve been blessed with.

You can make your commitment at pledge.cor.org. Each commitment will receive a mug and my girls get excited every year to pick up their mug. You can pick up your mug (or mugs) following your commitment this Sunday afternoon Nov. 22 or next Sunday Nov. 29 from 12:30-2:30 pm. We will also have a third day/time on Nov. 30 from 6-8 pm. These will be a safe-distanced drive-through events, handing them through your car window.

I will be there, along with members of our staff, to safely hand your mug (or mugs) through your car window as your drive through. We will also have Advent kits and family experience kits you’ve pre-ordered to give out as well. If you’ve yet to order your Advent Wreath kit to join in every service during December as we light the candles together and/or your Kids kit with crafts and activities to learn about the Christmas story, do so now by clicking here. You can also download the information yourself by going to cor.org/Christmas. These are both important ways for you to engage in the power of Christmas worship at home!

I’d love for you to join me in welcoming our newest members to Resurrection West. They participated and joined at last week’s Zoom Coffee with Pastors where we welcomed many new members across every campus and online.

Welcome to our newest members and as we welcome them to the life of the church, I would also share that it's a great time to get involved with a small group. We have many groups that are meeting weekly, bi-weekly and monthly via Zoom. You can find a group for you in two ways:

1) Contact our Director of Adult Discipleship and Outreach, David Robertson at David. Robertson@cor.org. He’d love to connect with you and help find a group that is right for you.

2) Go directly to groups.cor.org and search through the many online groups that we offer.

The weeks leading up to Christmas, a season we call "Advent" in the historical tradition of the church, is a great time to join a group. We are launching a couple of Advent studies starting the week after Thanksgiving.

The first opportunity can be used by any small group or individuals who are looking for a personal devotional or weekly study for the season. Starting on Sunday afternoon, Nov. 29, week one of a four-week Advent study will post on our Resurrection West Facebook page here. In the comments will be questions to reflect and discuss as well. The weekly videos, posting every Sunday afternoon, will feature four of our Resurrection West pastoral and staff leaders offering scriptural and personal insights for the week to be used by a small group or individual.

The second opportunity will be on Wednesday nights at cor.org/live as each of our campus pastors will teach through the weekly themes of Advent, including information from Pastor Adam’s newest book, Incarnation. You can view the teaching and also take part in a live Zoom Q & A with each week’s campus pastor following their presentation. I’ll be concluding the study the week after Christmas on Epiphany! Wondering what Epiphany is? Join me in the study to find out.

I hope you’ll take part in these great ways to grow in our understanding of God in the Christmas story and I remind you that as a follower of Christ, we believe that study is one of the essential practices of our faith (worship, study, serve, give, and share).

Finally, you can live into your serve muscle this Saturday with our Winter Warmth Drive-through from 9-11 am and on Monday with a blood drive from 1-7 pm.

Looking forward to seeing you in worship online or on TV this weekend!

Pastor Jason

Jason Gant

Jason Gant

Jason Gant is the campus pastor of Resurrection West.