We are privileged to serve you before, during, and after the loss of a loved one.

Life's Final Moments

When a death is imminent, our pastors are honored to come and pray with you. If there is time, please call the church at 913-897-0120 and ask for Congregational Care. We will make every effort to have someone come to you.

If this is after office hours, please call the emergency number: 913-338-9477. The pastor on call will return your page as soon as possible.

Grieving and Remembering

When the death has occurred, our pastors and staff would also be honored to provide the service for your loved one here at the church, at the funeral home or graveside depending on the family’s decision. Christ is our hope for eternal life and we offer this hope to the surviving family and friends that their beloved is now in God’s eternal charge.

Many of your questions may be answered in our Funeral Planning Guide, but if you have any additional questions regarding funeral or memorial planning, please email Angela LaVallie Tinsley or call her at 913-544-0273.

Below are documents to help you begin thinking through some of the specific details of your own service (it's never too early to plan well for the end of your life) or the service for a loved one who is nearing death. Completed forms can be mailed to the the church (please address it with "ATTN: Funeral Ministry") or scanned and emailed to us and we will keep them on file.

Upcoming Funerals at Leawood

Mon, 7/3: Jack Brookshire. Wesley Chapel – Building C; memorial service at 10:30am.

Wed, 7/5: David Felling. Wesley Chapel – Building C; memorial service at 11am.

Thurs, 7/13: Neal Patterson. Sanctuary – Building A; funeral at 11am. Livestream at

Fri, 7/14: Connor Mohr. Main Sanctuary – Building A. Memorial service at 11am.

Sat, 7/15: Janet Alholm. Main Sanctuary – Building A. Memorial service at 10am. Livestream at

Mon, 7/17: Dale Boyce. Wesley Chapel – Building C; memorial service at 4pm.